Easy Teriyaki Tuna Steak

Easy Teriyaki Tuna Steak

Here's an easy teriyaki Japanese-style steak using tuna, which is our local specialty.

Ingredients: approximately 2 servings

Tuna fillets or sashimi of your choice (or even swordfish fillets)
200-300 g
A: Soy sauce
3 tablespoons
A: Mirin
1 tablespoon
A: Sugar
1 heaping tablespoon
A: Sake
1 tablespoon plus
A: Grated ginger & garlic
1 clove each
A: Pepper
to taste
as needed
Vegetable oil for frying
as needed (1 scant tablespoon)
Finely chopped green onions & grated daikon radish & lemon for garnish (optional)
as needed


1. Slice the tuna into bite-sized pieces. I used albacore tuna.
2. Mix all [A] ingredients to make the marinade. Marinate the tuna for 10-15 minutes.
3. Take the tuna out of the marinade, and dust both sides lightly with katakuriko. Do not throw out the marinade just yet!
4. Grease the frying pan lightly with vegetable oil. Align the tuna, and cook on both sides (cover the pan with a lid and set heat to low).
5. When both sides are browned, pour in the marinade and mix well.
6. When the tuna and the marinade is mixed enough, it's done! Serve with some finely chopped green onions, lemon, or grated daikon radish if you'd like.

Story Behind this Recipe

A local specialty! Here's a recipe to make tuna steak.