Easy Chocolate Cream in a Microwave

Easy Chocolate Cream in a Microwave

An authentic chocolate cream made in a microwave.
It's silky smooth and irresistible.

Ingredients: Makes approximately 170 g of chocolate cream

Cake flour
25 g
50 g
Cocoa powder (for baking)
5 g
170 ml
5 g
Chopped chocolate (I used milk chocolate)
20 g


1. Add cake flour, cocoa, and sugar into a bowl and mix well.
2. Heat the milk until it's right below the boiling point. Add that in small batches into the bowl from Step 1. Mix with each addition.
3. Microwave at 600 W for 2 minutes. Mix, then microwave again for another 2 minutes.
4. Add butter and the chopped chocolate. Mix everything together. Let it cool down to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

You don't need a pan to make this chocolate cream.