Rich Drumstick Simmer with Marinated Eggs

Rich Drumstick Simmer with Marinated Eggs

The vinegar gives this dish a tangy and rich taste.
It's made with easy amounts, and simmered.
The soup has plenty of collagen, so drink the soup, too!


Chicken drumsticks (mini-drumsticks)
Hard-boiled egg and leftover vegetables
as desired
*Soy sauce
4 tablespoons
4 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
2 cups (400ml)
1 knob


1. Lightly sauté the drumsticks in sesame oil to bring out their aroma. Prepare the hard-boiled egg and vegetables. In this batch, I used carrots and shiitake mushrooms.
2. Add the * ingredients and the grated ginger and boil.
3. Carefully skim any scum. As it comes to a boil, add the egg and vegetables and boil. Add the shiitake just before serving.
4. Continue to let it simmer as the soup boils down.
5. The soup will have a chunk of gelatinous collagen, so save it. I like using it as the secret ingredient in a pot au feu. It has a deep flavor!

Story Behind this Recipe

In my family, we like our simmered dishes thick and rich.
This recipe is cost efficient since it uses basic ingredients and amounts, and more than anything else, it's easy to remember!
We have a strict rule not to throw away any rich soup stock.