Black Rice and Koshi-an Koshi-An Ohagi

Black Rice and Koshi-an Koshi-An Ohagi

This is koshi-an inside black rice "ohagi" rice cakes. The lumpy texture of the black rice and smoothness of the koshi-an is irresistible.

Ingredients: 10 ohagi

1.4 cups Sticky Rice, 0.4 cup White Rice, 0.2 cup Black Rice
2 rice cooker cups of uncooked rice (7:2:1 ratio)
Koshi-an (store-bought)
300 g
Raw cane sugar
3 tablespoons
1/4 teaspoon


1. Mix the rice together and let it soak overnight.
2. Prepare 10 koshi-an balls (30g each, about 2 tablespoons).
3. Cook the rice in the rice cooker as you do normally, then let sit for 10 minutes.
4. Wet the rice scoop and put the rice into a large bow. Add sugar cane and mix with a rice spatula.
5. Mix in salt, and continue mixing with a moistened rice spatula.
6. Smash the rice with a pestle until they are about half crushed.
7. With plastic wrap in one hand, take a handful of rice, cover with another layer of plastic wrap, and flatten into a circle (about 10 cm).
8. Put the prepared koshi-an in the center.
9. On a flat workspace, place the ohagi so they don't touch each other.
10. Here's a shiro-an (white bean paste) version.

Story Behind this Recipe

Instead of white rice, use black rice; instead of wrapping with bean paste, wrap with rice. This is a reversed hagi. Everyone I know loves these.