Tonkatsu Pork Rolls

Tonkatsu Pork Rolls

I made simple tonkatsu pork rolls without frying them.

Ingredients: 4 rolls

Pork meat (thinly sliced)
4 slices
Pickled plum paste or cheese
A small amount
Shredded cabbage
A small handful
1~2 tablespoons
A small amount
2~3 tablespoons


1. Spread out the meat, and wrap up the pickled plum paste and cabbage inside. Do not worry if a bit of the cabbage pokes out the sides .
2. Combine the mayonnaise with milk so that it is easy to coat the meat. Dip the meat into the mixture.
3. Coat in panko.
4. Cook while rolling these about in a fair amount of cooking oil. Caution: Please cook the overlap first. The above photo shows more rolls than listed because I am making it for my family.

Story Behind this Recipe

If you make this as a bento side dish with delicious pork bits up to the point where you coat them in bread crumbs the night before, then it is quite simple because you only have to cook them up in the morning.