French Toast You Can Even Make on Busy Mornings

French Toast You Can Even Make on Busy Mornings

Low calorie?
An easy-to-remember simple recipe.
On busy mornings, even children can make it.

Ingredients: 2 slices of a 6-pack of bread

1 tablespoon
100 ml
Margarine (or butter)
to taste
If you don't want to use margarine, please use butter


1. Break the eggs into a bowl, add the sugar, and mix together until the sugar is dissolved. Add the milk and mix well.
2. Cut the bread slices into four pieces each. Next, put the bread into the bowl with the egg mixture until it has soaked it completely up.
3. Put about 1 tbsp of margarine into a frying pan and turn the heat to medium. When the butter has melted, arrange the bread from Step 2 in the pan and fry.
4. When it has a nice color, flip it. If the margarine has disappeared, you can put in a little margarine a bit at a time.

Story Behind this Recipe

So that even my junior high school student daughter can make it, "Mix everything in Step One" is an easy way to remember.
If you use bread that has gone a little stale, you can kill two birds with one stone.