My Pork Miso Soup

My Pork Miso Soup

I put plenty of pork and vegetables, so it is a nutritious soup! My arrangement with a bit of ginger warms you up.

Ingredients: 4 to 6 servings

pork belly or any kind of pork
150 to 160 g
Daikon radish
about 5 cm
about 1/3
2 small
Burdock root
1/3 of a piece
Firm tofu
1/2 block
1 piece
Green onion or scallion
a little
1200 ml
Japanese dashi stock powder
8 g
about 80 g
Soy sauce
1 heaping tablespoon
1 tablespoon
Sesame oil
1 tablespoon


1. Quarter slice the daikon and carrot into about 4 to 5 mm thickness. Cut the burdock into long thin shavings. Cut the potato and konnyaku into same size as the burdock, and keep them in cold water to eliminate bitterness, then drain.
2. Chop the pork as bitable size.
3. Pour one tablespoon oil into a frying pan. Add the minced ginger and lightly fry the pork. Remove the pork and leave aside. Do not burn the ginger !
4. Add all the vegetables into a deep pot and pour water. Cook over a high heat.
5. Once it boils, turn to a lower medium heat. Add the dashi stock granules and sake. Keep cooking for about 10 minutes until all ingredients get soft, while removing harshness.
6. Once the vegetables are cooked, return the cooked pork. Add miso. Keep removing harshness from the soup.
7. Next add tofu. Tear tofu with fingers into the size you like. Of course you can cut it with a knife. Just before boiling, turn the heat off. Finally season with soy sauce.
8. Pour the soup into a soup bowl. Sprinkle green onion or scallion. Season with shichimi spice; Japanese red chilli pepper mix as you wish. It is tasty to add a bit of sesame oil,too.
9. If you are fond of ginger, add more than the mentioned amount. My family also loves extra ginger!

Story Behind this Recipe

I have made pork miso soup many times, and finally this recipe was created.