Domed Cake with Matcha Mousse

Domed Cake with Matcha Mousse

The matcha flavored mousse and the azuki beans with cream match really well. The decoration of the cake is simple and easy.

Ingredients: 18 cm diameter round cake

Matcha sponge cake
Recipe ID: 1050047
For the matcha mousse:
2 teaspoons
30 g
Heavy cream
200 ml
100 ml
5 g
Water for the gelatin
1 tablespoon
For the adzuki cream:
Heavy cream
100 ml
100 g
● Cream for decoration
200 ml
1 tablespoon


1. Slice the matcha sponge cake into 4 slices horizontally. Leave 2 slices as is, cut 1 slice into 4 portions, and cut the other slice a bit smaller. Soak the gelatin in water.
2. Line an 18 cm diameter bowl with plastic wrap, and line the bottom with one of the uncut slices of sponge.
3. Line the sides with the slice that was cut into 4 pieces.
4. Make the adzuki bean cream. Add a little cream to the tsubu-an and mix.
5. Whip the remaining cream until it forms soft peaks. Add the mixture from Step 4 and whip until it's a bit stiffer.
6. Put the adzuki cream in the bowl from Step 3, and cover with the slice that was cut down a bit smaller. Cover with plastic wrap and put into the refrigerator.
7. Dissolve the matcha with a little milk. Heat up the rest of the milk in a pan until it's just about to boil. Add the soaked gelatin and the dissolved matcha and mix.
8. Strain the mixture through a fine meshed sieve. Leave to cool in a bowl of ice water.
9. Put the cream for the mousse in another bowl, add the sugar and whip until it forms soft peaks.
10. When the mixture from Step 8 has cooled down, add to the whipped cream from Step 9 and mix. This is the matcha mousse.
11. Take the refrigerated bowl of cake and cream from Step 6 out of the refrigerator, and pour in the matcha mousse. Cut off any cake pieces that are sticking out.
12. Cover with the remaining slice of sponge, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1/2 to 1 day.
13. Combine the cream for decorating the cake with sugar, and whip until it forms slightly firmer peaks than the cream for the mousse. Spread over the cake, and it's done.
14. Sprinkle some matcha under the cake, decorate, and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I found it great fun to make dome cakes, so I thought up this one.