Smooth, Crispy, Fluffy Mille Crêpes

Smooth, Crispy, Fluffy Mille Crêpes

Dough that almost absorbs the fork. Another great way of enjoying this mille crêpes is using about 200 ml of heavy cream + 20 g of sugar, beaten with vanilla extract and brandy mixed together instead of the cream mentioned in the recipe.

Ingredients: makes 1 20 cm diameter pan, about 13 sheets of dough

★Cake flour
100 g
★Baking powder
1/4 teasponn
Granulated sugar
35 g
Milk (warmed to room temperature)
250 ml
Melted butter
30 g
Vanilla oil or extract
a small amount
For the cream:
☆Egg yolk
☆Granulated sugar
25 g
★ Cake flour, cornstarch
5 g each
Vanilla extract
a small amount
■Heavy cream
190 ml
■Granulated sugar
20 g
For the finishing touches
Your desired fruits, powdered sugar
as desired


1. Make the crepe dough. Combine and sift the ★ materials. Add the egg to a bowl and beat, then add the sugar and mix. But don't whip it.
2. Add the ★ ingredients and mix. While it's still not completely mixed together add 1/3 of the milk and mix to avoid clumping. Add the rest and mix together.
3. While mixing add the melted butter a bit at a time, then add the vanilla, mix, and strain.
4. Cover with a wrap and let sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour. You want the flavor to set in, no powder to be remaining, and the dough to stretch without breaking.
5. Make the cream. Heat the milk to just before boiling.
6. Add the egg yolks to a bowl and add the sugar while mixing. Mix until the mixture becomes white.
7. Add the ★ sifted ingredients and mix. While mixing add the milk from step 5 a little at a time and mix while straining.
8. Return to the pot and use a wooden spoon, etc to mix while heating on medium heat. Once the middle starts to bubble pour onto a tray, etc covered in wrap, and use ice to quickly cool it.
9. If you're worried about it burning cook on low heat, or remove from the heat, mix well, then return to the heat and repeat. You can also use a whisk.
10. Take your rested dough and use a ladle to lightly mix. Heat some oil in a frying pan, but wipe away any excess.
11. Pour 3/4ths of the ladle into the frying pan, and tilt it to extend it out thinly.
12. Once the edges have browned place the frying pan on top of a damp cloth and use a palette knife or your fingers to carefully turn it over and cook.
13. Flip on to an upside down bowl to let cool. Use a bowl instead of cutting boards, as they release the heat more quickly.
14. Choose the crepe that you baked most beautifully. This will be the one you'll use as the top layer.
15. Add sugar to the heavy cream and whip until soft peaks form.
16. Put the cooled custard into a separate bowl, mix well until smooth, then add vanilla and continue to mix.
17. Add a little bit of step 15 to step 16 and mix. Then add the rest of step 15 and mix lightly until soft.
18. Place the crepe dough on a flat plate covered in wrap, or on top of a cutting board. Apply a thin layer of cream. Place another piece of dough on top and repeat the process. Continue doing this.
19. Cover with wrap and cool, then cut with a warm knife. Cooling it makes it easier to cut and the cut opening stays nice.
20. If you like decorate with powdered sugar and heavy cream. Wrap to preserve.
21. When making with thinly-cut fruits, don't add the fruit to the uppermost layer. This is to keep the fruits from being visible from the top.
22. This time I thinly cut some strawberries, dried with paper towels, and placed on top of the cream. You don't have to wrap up the fruit in the crepe.
23. You can also use Recipe ID: 1044918 - "Delicious the Next Day! Simple & Smooth Crepe Dough" in double amounts. I recommend this for those who like chewy textures.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a crepe that was delicious and easy to cut into with your fork even after time had elapsed.
It's smooth, cooks easily, and can be made thinly so it looks great when layered.
In order to bring out a richness I mixed in a little custard with the cream.