Simple & Easy Lavish Gateau au Chocolat

Simple & Easy Lavish Gateau au Chocolat

Uses store-bought cocoa powder and milk. Whisk with eggs.
It's a simple yet rich and moist gateau au chocolat cake you can make with the ingredients you have at home.

Ingredients: 18 cm cake pan

Chocolate bar (you could use milk chocolate too!)
150 g
75 g
75 ml
Cocoa (sweetened is ok!)
60 g
60 g
White flour
45 g
to taste


1. Mince the chocolate and butter and melt in a hot water bath.
2. Beat 3 eggs and add sugar. Continue beating until it turns white.
3. Add room temperature milk and milk cocoa to the mixture from Step 1.
4. Take the beaten eggs from Step 2 and mix into Step 3.
5. Add the flour and mix with a cutting motion using a rubber spatula. Be sure not to leave any lumps. Pour into the pan.
6. Cook for 27 minutes at 170℃ in the oven. Once it's baked, pour over the rum.
7. Let it sit for a day, then sprinkle powdered sugar and it's complete.
8. ○ Added 1/14/2011 ○ For special occasions such as Valentine's Day or as a present, add dry raspberries, blueberries, or walnuts.
9. Everyone's feedback motivated me to make this again. Something that can be made quickly with easy ingredients is the best. It's really delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

I know that the ingredients for gateau au chocolat usually includes black chocolate, cocoa powder, heavy cream, and that's delicious, but I wanted to make it with every day ingredients.

I can make authentic gateau au chocolat using ingredients available at home.