Pork and Tofu Rolls Topped with Mushroom Sauce

Pork and Tofu Rolls Topped with Mushroom Sauce

Wrap the tofu with sliced pork belly to give it more volume! Delicious and healthy along with mushroom sauce!

Ingredients: 5 servings

Firm tofu
2 blocks
Thinly sliced pork belly
approximately 300 g
Shimeji mushrooms
1/2-1 pack
Seasoning ingredients
To taste
Vegetable oil
As needed
200 ml
2 tablespoons
Soy sauce with dashi (Japanese stock)
3 tablespoons
Katakuriko slurry
As needed


1. Let tofu drain for 30 minutes or more (if time allows, drain for over 1 hour).
2. Cut into 1 cm wide pieces.
3. Dust tofu with flour, wrap with the sliced pork belly, and pan-fry with vegetable oil. Set the tofu aside on a plate.
4. Break shimeji mushrooms into pieces. Add a bit more vegetable oil to your frying pan, and sauté the mushrooms. Add water, mirin, and soy sauce with dashi. After bringing it to a simmer, thicken the sauce by adding the katakuriko and water mixture (1:1 starch to water ratio).

Story Behind this Recipe

I often have drinking parties with friends, so I'm always on a mission to make low-budget yet filling food...This has actually been by far the best dish.