Totoro Sandwich using a Bread Roll

Totoro Sandwich using a Bread Roll

A dinner roll...turned into a Totoro!

Ingredients: makes 1 Totoro roll

Bread rolls
as needed
Nori seaweed
as needed
2 cm long x 4 sticks
Ham, cheese, lettuce, anything you'd like
to taste


1. Make the ears by cutting out a triangle on the top part of the bread. If you want him to stand, it might be a good idea to cut off the bottom!
2. Use a cutter to make a circular cut for the belly.
3. Cut the piece off using a knife. Move the knife in fine motions as you cut!
4. <Parts> Eyes…cheese, nori seaweed. Nose… nori seaweed, Whiskers...deep fry the pasta in oil.
5. The pattern on his belly...Use a cookie cutter to cut out the patterns (5 small crescent moon shaped parts). Make them using the excess bread you cut off in Step 3.
6. Cut the roll in half, stuff the sandwich fillings, attach the parts ...and you're done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was wondering if I could make a character out of a bread roll.