Authentic Tandoori Fish Curry

Authentic Tandoori Fish Curry

This is an easy Indian style curry with tandoori fish. Very rich and mild.

Ingredients: about 2 servings

Fish fillets (I used swordfish this time. Mackerel or tuna would be also good)
200-300 g
Onion (cut into bite-sized pieces)
Vegetable oil for stir-frying
1 tablespoon
Ginger, garlic (finely chopped or grated - I recommend chopping them finely)
1 small piece each
Spices (I used cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and cardamon seeds)
to taste (3 cardamon seeds)
Pepper (I recommend black pepper)
to taste
Canned whole tomatoes
1 can (about 450 g)
Water (or water + coconut milk)
water: 250 ml (or water 100 ml + coconut milk 150 ml)
(Optional) Fresh coriander or parsley for garnish
to taste
(Optional) Chili pepper or cayenne pepper
to taste
[Easy Tandoori Fish Marinade A]
A: Plain yogurt (I used Meiji Bulgaria yogurt)
200 g
A: Ketchup
2 tablespoons
A: Curry powder
1 tablespoon
A: Ginger & garlic (grated)
1 small piece each
A: Sugar (Honey)
1 rounded teaspoon
A: Spices (I used cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and chili pepper)
to taste
Seasoning ingredients B:
B: Tomato ketchup
2 tablespoons
B: Soy sauce (or fish sauce)
1 rounded tablespoon
B: Curry powder
1 rounded tablespoon
B: Honey (or sugar)
2 tablespoons


1. Cut the fish into an appropriate size. Combine the [Easy Tandoori Fish Marinade A] ingredients together to make the marinade.
2. Marinate the fish in the [Easy Tandoori Fish Marinade A] for more than 30 minutes. Keep the leftover marinade for later use.
3. Fry both sides of the marinated fish in a frying pan. There might be some moisture from the fish, but keep frying until there is no moisture left in the frying pan. The tandoori fish is ready!
4. Put the vegetable oil in the pot, add the chopped (grated) ginger, garlic, and spices of you choice, and fry over low heat until fragrant.
5. Add the onions and mushrooms to Step 4, sprinkle pepper, and lightly fry over medium heat.
6. Add the canned whole tomatoes and water (or water + coconut milk) to Step 5, and simmer until the vegetables soften.
7. When the vegetables are soft, add the seasoning ingredients B and mix. Add the leftover tandoori marinade from Step 2 & 3, and simmer a little.
8. Add the tandoori fish from Step 3 to the curry from Step 7. Simmer until the liquid is reduced (about 10 minutes), and it's done!
9. If you like it spicy, add chili pepper or cayenne pepper to finish.
10. Garnish with fresh coriander or parsley to taste.
11. I served it with naan bread and turmeric rice.
12. [How to make simple turmeric rice] Just add turmeric and butter to hot cooked rice and mix.
13. "Easy Tandoori Chicken" Recipe ID: 1110918.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love an Indian curry with tandoori fish at my favorite Indian restaurant. So I made my own version.