Ham and Shiso Gyoza Skin Wraps

Ham and Shiso Gyoza Skin Wraps

All you have to do is roll these up and fry them up in a good amount of oil! It's easy! These are great as a gap filler in a bento or for dinner! Try with ketchup.


Gyoza skins
as needed
Ham (or bacon)
half the amount of gyoza skins
Shiso leaves
half the amount of gyoza skins
to taste


1. Cut the shiso leaves and ham slices in half.
2. Top the gyoza skins with ham and shiso.
3. Roll them up thinly.
4. Heat a generous amount of oil in a frying pan. You can also deep-fry them if you like I think preparing the frying pot is a bit of a pain, so I pan-fry them up like this.
5. Pan-fry them in a good amount of oil, rolling them around to make all the sides crispy.
6. Once they turn light brown like this, they're ready.
7. These are delicious as-is, but the flavor is subtle, so try them with some ketchup. The shiso leaves give these a really pretty cross-section.
8. Besides ham, you can also make these with chikuwa and shiso.
9. It's a great side dish for dinner.
10. These are also great in a bento If you cut them in half, they take up a surprising amount of space, so I recommend them.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love fried food with cheese inside of it, but it's a bit of a pain to wrap it up and the frying oil is a pain to deal with. So, I tried coming up with an easy-to-roll pan-fried wrap.