For Bentos Potato Balls Stuffed With Curry

For Bentos Potato Balls Stuffed With Curry

I stuffed mashed potato balls with curry and the result was really delicious and fun too. My family couldn't stop smiling.

Ingredients: 12 3cm diameter balls

200 g peeled
2 tablespoons
Pre-made store bought or leftover curry
1 packet or as needed
Sliced cheese (melting type if possible)
3 slices
a small amount


1. Cook the potato until tender in the microwave, and mash until smooth!
2. Mix in the mayonnaise.
3. Divide into 12 portions. Form each into a ball using a piece of plastic wrap, squeezing tightly.
4. Make a dent in each ball using the back end of a chopstick, your finger, or a spoon.
5. Alternatively, push in a hole with your finger over the plastic wrap - this method is easy.
6. Make large indents in each potato ball as shown here.
7. Cut off a corner from a packet of ready made curry.
8. Stuff each potato ball with curry. You can freeze them at this stage.
9. Cut up the sliced cheese and place on top of the potato balls.
10. Brown in a oven or under a grill. Make sure the balls don't fall over.
11. Note: Line the grill with aluminum foil. If you put the potato balls on top of thin carrot slices, they won't stick to the foil.
12. These taste great when hot or cold.
13. I used 100 g of potato for the version illustrated in the photos.

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw a recipe on the website for a ready made curry, and combined it with my recipe for Potato and corn balls, Recipe ID: 852804. I thought they'd really be delicious in a bento lunchbox.