Rum Raisin Chocolate Truffles for Valentine's

Rum Raisin Chocolate Truffles for Valentine's

For that special someone, for the people who have helped you out, for your loved ones, and as a reward for yourself.
You can make these into any shape you want.

Ingredients: Makes one 15 × 25 cm mold. About 40 truffles or about 110 of 1.5 × 1.5 × 1 cm square truffles

Heavy cream
(1 pack) 200 ml
Total 400 g (Milk, bitter, white)
100 g (if using store-bought rum raisins, 150 g)
(For rum raisins) 0~100 ml
Powdered sugar and cocoa, etc, to taste.


1. First, make sure that all the equipment is clean and dry. (※This is to prevent chocolate from seizing)
2. If the chocolate is not sweet enough, add more sugar, etc. If it is not rich enough, try adding substituting some of the chocolate for white chocolate, etc.
3. (You an use store-bought rum raisins.) If you are making rum raisins, soak the raisins in hot water to remove any dirt and oil. Then dry them.
4. If you are making rum raisins, put the raisins and rum in a covered container and refrigerate. (The soaking time is up to you. I soak mine for 3 days.) Drain the rum raisins before using them.
5. Line a tray or container with parchment paper. Line the sides as well, and tape down the corners.
6. If you are making truffles, you can use a plastic container or other small containers and skip Step 5.
7. Break or chop chocolate into small pieces.
8. Warm the heavy cream until just before it boils. Add the chocolate immediately and melt it slowly while mixing.
9. If the chocolate does not melt completely, melt it over a double boiler. Chocolate seizes easily so do not heat it directly.
10. Mix in the raisins and pour into the mold. Pour in from a high position to prevent air bubbles from flouring. Tilt the mold or use a spatula to even out the mixture to the edges and corners.
11. Chill the chocolate well in the refrigerator. Add some milk to the pot you used and make a cup of hot chocolate. Take a break.
12. Once the chocolate has hardened enough to be removed from the paper, it is ready. Steps 13~15 are tips for cutting. These are for reference only.
13. Warm a knife over the stove. If chocolate sticks to the knife, wash it with hot water, wipe clean, and warm it again to cut cleanly.
14. If the chocolate becomes soft, put it back in the refrigerator. If you cut it while it is soft, it will not look good.
15. Cut by pressing the knife down. Pull it sideways without lifting the knife. This way, the chocolate will not stick or lift up.
16. Once you have finished cutting, powder another sheet and flip the chocolate upside down on it. Remove the baking sheet slowly.
17. Cover each piece completely in chocolate powder and separate them gently by hand. (If you have time, you can make cute two-toned truffles with powdered sugar.)
18. Press it down on a flat surface for sharp corners. Make it into 1.5×1.5×1cm cubes and you are done.
19. If you are concerned about the shape, I recommend that you remove the edges first. (You can make them into round truffles.)
20. To make round truffles, put some chocolate mixture onto a piece of plastic wrap and form into balls. (If you want to make them all the same size, cut them first.)
21. Chill the balls again, form them into nice balls by hand and powder them. (It's easier to form them into round balls if your hands are cool.)
22. Powder the truffles with a tea strainer or roll them around in a small container. These look cute marbled or covered in nuts too.
23. If the shape isn't neat when using a mold, chill the chocolate once. Once it's chilled, powder the mold and press the chocolate in. Press a piece of paper against it and it will come out nicely shaped.
24. If you have time, try all the different shapes to make a variety of different presents.
25. If you prefer softer choclate, take them out of the fridge before you eating. If you prefer hard chocolates, eat it straight out of the fridge.
26. The chocolate mixture will stick easily to aluminium cups, etc. Chill well before eating.
27. If making a large batch it can take a lot of time to chill the mixture, etc. Please make sure you have plenty time.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wondered how the rum raisin chocolates my mom used to eat often would taste if I made them as truffles.
These are fun to make and delicious, and make a great present as well.