Chinese Chive and Egg Rice Bowl with Tons of Sauce

Chinese Chive and Egg Rice Bowl with Tons of Sauce

A simple rice bowl recipe with just Chinese chives cooked in egg. If you like rice bowls with lots of sauce, please give this a try!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Chinese garlic chives
1/2 bunch (about 50 g)
Bonito flakes
1 to 2 g
※ Sugar
1/2 tablespoon
※ Soy sauce
2/3 tablespoon
※ Mirin
1/2 tablespoon


1. Chop up the chives into about .5 - 1 cm wide pieces, put into a fine-meshed sieve and wash. Leave to drain.
2. Put some bonito flakes (about 1/2 of a mini-pack as shown in the photo) in a mug and add 120 ml of water.
3. Microwave for around 2 minute at 600 W until it's lightly steaming.
4. Put the dashi stock you made into a small pan, straining it through a tea strainer to remove the bonito flakes.
5. Add the ※ ingredients (sugar, soy sauce, mirin) to the pan, and when it comes to a boil add the chopped up chives and simmer for around 2 minutes over medium heat.
6. Lastly add the beaten egg and put on a lid. When the egg is cooked to your desired degree of doneness, it's done. Pour everything over rice and eat while piping hot.

Story Behind this Recipe

A long time ago I had a chive-and-egg rice bowl like this with tons of sauce, which was so delicious! There's no meat in this so it's pretty healthy, but if you want something more substantial, please add some meat of your choice.