For Girls' Day Festival--Traditional Ball-Shaped Flower Sushi

For Girls' Day Festival--Traditional Ball-Shaped Flower Sushi

For a beautiful presentation, try these bite-sized flower temari sushi (traditional ball-shaped Japanese sushi rolls). Arrange them in flowers for festive occasions.

Ingredients: about 20 pieces

Sushi rice
2 bowls' worth
Tuna (sashimi quality)
7-8 cuts
Salmon (sashimi quality)
7-8 cuts
Scallops (sashimi quality) cut into thirds
Egg (scrambled and cut into ribbons)


1. Lay thinly sliced sashimi on a piece of plastic wrap, then place a bited piece of sushi rice on top. Squeeze the wrap tightly and twist the top. This will produce the temari ball shape.
2. Place 5 balls on a plate, arrange them to resemble petals on a flower, then garnish with ribbons of scrambled eggs in the center of the flowers.
3. It's also nice to use 5 different sushi balls in one flower. Place a shiso leaf between the maguro (tuna) and sushi rice for a pretty and delicious touch.
4. Top the egg ribbons with ikura (salmon roe) to add more color.

Story Behind this Recipe

For the Japanese Girl's Day Festival, I made these attractive bite-sized traditional temari sushi. They're highly appealing!