No-bake Soymilk Cheesecake!!

No-bake Soymilk Cheesecake!!

Even if you have wheat, egg or dairy allergies, you still want to eat yummy no-bake cheesecake, right?♪ This is a marbled blueberry cheesecake made with soy milk!!

Ingredients: 16 cm round mould

Soy milk cheese (900 ml unprocessed soy milk + 150 ml vinegar or lemon juice gives 270g of soy milk cheese) See Recipe ID: 1315967
200 g
2 packets (10 g)
Sugar (cane sugar)
60 g
Soy milk
50 ml
Heavy soy cream (whisked for 7 minutes)
2/3 of a pack
Lemon juice (see Step 4)
30-50 ml
Blueberry jam
to taste
Rice flour cookie dough (50 g margarine or shortening, 25 g sugar, 80 g rice flour, 20 g corn starch, vanilla essence) Baked at 180°C for 15 minutes.
200 g
Melted margarine or shortening (mix with crushed cookie dough)
60 g


1. Mix vinegar with soy milk heated to 45°C and set aside. When it has completely cooled, wrap in a gauze or cheesecloth and separate the lump and water.
2. Add the gelatin to water and soak. Melt the gelatin over heat and add sugar and soy milk (remove from the heat when the sugar has dissolved).
3. Pour the mixture from step 2 into the soy cheese from Step 1. Add whipped cream, lemon juice and mix.
4. *If you are making the cheese with lemon juice, adjust the amount that you add at Step 3!
5. Line the mould with crushed cookie dough and pour in the mixture from Step 3. Mix in jam to make a marble pattern. Chill in the fridge and it's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

Both my son and daughter have a dairy allergy, but I wanted to make a cheesecake we could all enjoy together!!