Edible Building Blocks For Charaben

Edible Building Blocks For Charaben

How about these edible building blocks to pack in your bento?


Fish sausage
as needed
Thick tamagoyaki
as needed
as needed
Try other ingredients too
as needed
Regular sized straw


1. Slice the fish sausage 1 cm thick.
2. Cut off all 4 sides to square it off. The square should be about the size of a caramel candy.
3. Make 4 holes with the straw.
4. Insert the round bits you cut out of the sausage into the holes, about 2/3 of the way on. (The photo shows 2 holes plugged back in.) Fill all 4 holes...and it's done.
5. Kamaboko version: Cut out a block about the size of a caramel candy. Kamaboko is firmer than fish sausage so you may have some trouble with the cutouts, but they'll come out if you push them up from the back.
6. Thick tamagoyaki version: These were more difficult since they tended to fall apart. But they're so cute!
7. Carrot version: Cook a 1 cm thick slice of carrot in water + sugar syrup to cover (microwave for a bit less than 2 minutes at 500 W), then proceed.
8. This version is made from processed cheese. It was easier to make them with room temperature cheese. You can make a 3-knob block or a 6 knob block, depending on the size of the cheese.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was looking at my son's Lego blocks, and thought could make bento items that would look just like the real thing... My son was so happy with them!