Fried Crispy Chicken Tenders (A Family Favorite)

Fried Crispy Chicken Tenders (A Family Favorite)

Kids will love these! It's always a big hit at gatherings with our kids' friends. These are unbelievably delicious for cheap chicken tenders.

Ingredients: 6~8 servings

Chicken tenders
400 g
◎ Sake, soy sauce (for marinating the meat)
As needed
◎ Garlic, ginger (for marinating the meat)
Tempura flour, panko
1 cup of each


1. Cut the chicken tenders in half along the sinews. (Don't worry about them except for the larger ones that are sticking out.)
2. Marinate the meat in a 3:1 ratio of sake and soy sauce. Add in the grated garlic and ginger, and marinate for a while. We will be using the sauce later, so make a lot.
3. Coat the chicken in unlisted tempura flour (or flour). This will help the breading stick well.
4. Mix the soy sauce dressing with enough water to make 150 ml and combine to the tempura flour a bit at a time. Stir well. Finally mix in the panko, and bread the chicken.
5. Fry over a medium~high heat. Frying them twice will make them even crispier! Fry them for a long time to give them a rich flavor.
6. Tip: These will be crispier with lots of panko. Coat in the breading as soon as you add in the panko! Don't let the panko soak up too much water.

Story Behind this Recipe

My oldest son doesn't like fat, and will only eat chicken breast tenders when making fried chicken. He loves KFC's crispy chicken, and asked me to make it! It turned out a bit different, but my son also likes these ones, and said they are delicious!
He always requests that I make this when his friends come over now.