Spicy Whole Tomato Soup With Ra-yu

Spicy Whole Tomato Soup With Ra-yu

A miso soup to eat a tomato! A bit spicy yet refreshing. Try it for a very simple breakfast, or healthy meal full of antioxidants to brighten up your skintone.

Ingredients: 1 serving

● Water
200 ml
● Kombu tea
about 1/2 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
as you like
Fresh parsley
as you like


1. Make a cross cut in the skin of the tomato, dunk in boiling water, take out and slip the peel off.
2. Put the ● ingredients into a pan. When it comes to a simmer dissolve in the miso. Don't let it boil!
3. Add the peeled tomato and heat. Ladle the tomato miso soup into a bowl, scatter with parsley and drizzle in some ra-yu to finish.
4. You can use any kind of miso you like, but I recommend using something other than red or white miso.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's hard to eat whole raw tomatoes, so I thought up a Japanese-style recipe that used a whole tomato for a recipe contest. This is easy and quick to make when you have little time, flavored with kombu tea and a small amount of miso to highlight the tomato.