California Rolls

California Rolls

Get the filling ingredients ready and just roll to make California rolls. They're great for special occasions such as Setsubun, Hina Matsuri (Girls' Day) and birthday parties. These sushi rolls will brighten up your table!!

Ingredients: 1 fat sushi roll

Cooked rice (sushi rice)
1 bowlful
Nori seaweed
1 sheet
Flying fish roe
as needed
Sesame seeds
as needed
Filling ingredients (cut into the same lengths as the width of the nori seaweed)
1 piece of 1-cm-thickness
Thick tamagoyaki (rolled omelette)
1 piece of 1-cm-thickness
Salmon (or crab stick)
1 piece of 1-cm-thickness
1/8 cut lengthways
Red leaf lettuce
as needed (1 and 1/2 tablespoons or more)
Garnishes (optional)
Pickled ginger in sweet vinegar
as needed
Daikon radish sprouts
as needed


1. Preparation: Cut the filling ingredients into the same lengths as the width of nori seaweed and 1-cm-thickness. Slice the avocado in eight lengthways.
2. Place a sheet of nori onto cling film and spread the rice evenly (leave a front and end border to make it easier to roll up).
3. Flip over the sushi rice on the nori seaweed onto a piece of cling film.
4. Place the lettuce on first and then put on the other fillings.
5. Roll the sushi from the front. Press the sushi tightly with your fingers. (Do not roll the cling film inside the sushi. When you roll, remove the cling film at the same time.)
6. After rolling the sushi cover with cling film and a makisu mat. Press the sushi firmly inside the makisu mat. Leave the sushi to sit for 10 to 20 minutes to rest the rice.
7. Coat the sushi with sesame seeds and flying fish roe. Use a spoon to spread the flying fish roe evenly.
8. Garnish with daikon radish sprouts and serve. The hotness of the pickled ginger and daikon sprouts enhance the sushi flavour.
9. My family doesn't like sushi rice so I use normal cooked rice but it is still tasty. Serve with mayonnaise and soy sauce.
10. The leftover ingredients are quite colourful so use them to make 'seafood delight salad'!

Story Behind this Recipe

They are very colourful and great for entertaining, especially for Setsubun and Hina Matsuri parties. I posted this recipe for my reference.