Macrobiotic Deep-fried Tofu and Daikon Radish Leaves Sandwich

Macrobiotic Deep-fried Tofu and Daikon Radish Leaves Sandwich

A filling sandwich with nori seaweed, aburaage, and crisp daikon leaves.


Bread of your choice
4 slices
Daikon radish leaves
4 to 5
Nori seaweed
1/4 of snack pack nori seaweed
Sesame paste
1 teaspoon
a small amount
Soy sauce (optional)
a little
Ume vinegar or salt (optional)
a little


1. Pour hot water over the aburaage to drain the excess oil, and cut in half. I blanch it first to drain the excess oil. Fry in a frying pan until browned.
2. Boil or steam the daikon radish leaves, finely chop, and squeeze out the excess water. Sprinkle with plum vinegar or salt and leave to sit for a while. Cut the nori seaweed in half.
3. Add a little water to the sesame paste, stir to loosen it and add a little soy sauce for flavor. Toast the bread if you prefer.
4. Spread the sesame paste on the bread. Sandwich the aburaage, nori seaweed and daikon radish with the bread, and it's done.
5. This is the aburaage I normally use. It's quite big and rather thick.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got an organic daikon radish with leaves so I came up with this recipe as I was going to have bread for lunch.