Yummy Chilled or Warm ✿ Tofu and Soy Milk Shiratama Dumplings

Yummy Chilled or Warm ✿ Tofu and Soy Milk Shiratama Dumplings

These are healthy Japanese sweets with double the isoflavones! I recommend this for expecting & lactating mothers. They stay soft even when chilled, and they stay fresh for a long time. You can substitute soy milk for tofu, too.


Firm tofu (silken tofu or soy milk would be OK too)
as needed
● Kinako
● Sugar
20g or more as desired
● Rock salt (Regular salt works too)
a pinch


1. Put the ● ingredients in a plastic bag and mix in advance.
2. Put the shiratamako and tofu in a bowl and knead well. Continue to knead while adding water a little at a time, until the mixture becomes as soft as your earlobe.
3. Shape the dough into balls. (If you like, making a dent in the middle makes them cook faster.)
4. Boil the dumplings from step ③ with lots of hot water. They will sink at first, but they will float up after a while.
5. When the dumplings are floating on the surface as shown in the picture, boil for another minute, then take them out and chill in cold water. Drain the water quickly.
6. Put the drained dumplings in the plastic bag prepared in step ①, and shake to coat with roasted soy flour.
7. ※ This would be fine to make with silken tofu (If you used silken tofu, you may not need to add water). In Zambia, we can only get firm tofu, so I adjusted the ingredients accordingly.
8. Enjoy with matcha.
9. These are still soft even when chilled, so you can keep them for 2 to 3 days in a plastic container. When they get hard on the 3rd day, microwave! That will restore their softness.
10. Rehydrate 5g of dried yomogi (Japanese mugwort), then once it's soft, add it to the dough to make kusa dango style ~You can also make mitarashi-dango (dumplings covered in sweet soy sauce) with this.
11. These were made with 3g of spinach powder. This adds vegetable protein, sweetness and iron!
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Story Behind this Recipe

I obtained tofu for the first time in a while (I live in Africa) so I made a healthy Japanese sweets. The tofu and roasted soy powder provide double the isoflavone effect! They won't get hard, even in the fridge, so make a lot and you can enjoy them for 2 to 3 days. And for my 1-year old and 3-month old daughters, these are highly nutritious.