California Rolls

California Rolls

Smoked salmon is the perfect match for avocado! Salmon sashimi is also great!

Ingredients: 2 rolls

●Smoked salmon (slices)
4-6 slices
1/2 of one
1 egg's worth
●Eel kababyaki
1/2 stick
●Sushi rice
as needed
●Nori seaweed
1 sheet
●White roasted sesame seeds
as needed
to taste
to taste
●Salmon roe (optional)
as needed


1. Remove the avocado's pit and skin, cut into half vertically, then make 5 mm thick quarter round slices.
2. Make a tamagoyaki omelette, then cut into 1 cm wide strips. Cut the cucumber in half horizontally. Remove the skewer from the eel and slice into 1 cm wide.
3. Spread the sushi rice out over the nori, then top with white sesame. Flip everything over. Top the nori with the salmon, egg, cucumber, and eel, then roll it up.
4. Line the sushi rolling mat with plastic wrap, then lay out the avocado slices. Align them diagonally. Hide the seams of the rolls from Step 3 with avocado slices.
5. Leaving the plastic wrap on, cut the sushi into bite-sized pieces. Mix the wasabi and mayonnaise together and drizzle onto a plate, then place the sushi pieces on top.
6. Garnish with salmon roe to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to try making my own version of Dragon Rolls using smoked salmon and salmon roe.