Salad Sushi Rolls - Great for Festive Occasions

Salad Sushi Rolls - Great for Festive Occasions

I tend to make things a bit on the sweet side to suit my childrens' tastes. Make these sushi rolls with anything you have on hand!

Ingredients: 4 futomaki rolls

For the sushi rice
Plain cooked rice
2 bowls
1/2 cup (100ml)
◆Grain vinegar
1/4 cup (50ml)
1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon
◆ Umami seasoning
a small amount
The ingredients this time:
(3 sticks per 1 futomaki roll); about 12 sticks (Longer futomaki rolls use 4 sticks per roll)
☆Canned tuna
1 can - 80g
about 3 tablespoons (as much as you like)
2 teaspoons
★ Umami seasoning
a small amount
Toasted nori seaweed
4 sheets
Vinegar (for the nori seaweed)
a little


1. Mix up the ◆ and ☆ ingredients separately. Slice a cucumber vertically into fourths. Mix the ★ ingredients and make an atsuyaki tamago (a thick omelet; I make it by stacking several thin omelets together).
2. Add the combined ◆ ingredients to freshly cooked rice cooked with a little less water than normal, cut it with a rice spatula, and let cool.
3. Lay nori seaweed on top of a sushi mat, spread rice over the seaweed, leaving 3-4 cm of the top empty. Lay the ingredients a little lower to the middle, wet the rice-less nori with vinegar and press down on the ingredients as you roll.
4. Tip: In Step 3, pile up a little extra rice in 4 corners of the nori seaweed sheet. If you do this rolled up sushi roll with be evenly thick all the way to the ends, and less likely to rip!
5. Finally, use a slightly wet knife and cut off both ends to make them look pretty.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is my mom's recipe! Both my husband and I hate shiitake mushrooms in generic sushi rolls, so we often eat salad rolls instead. Even me, being the klutz that I am, can easily make this using ingredients I have on hand!