Tasty Rice Seasoning with Leftover Bonito

Tasty Rice Seasoning with Leftover Bonito

Use leftover bonito flakes from making dashi stock to make furikake rice sprinkles! This furikake is easy to make and delicious, and it takes no time at all!

Ingredients: 25 g

Leftover bonito flakes from making dashi stock
30 g (after drying out)
1 tablespoon
Usukuchi soy sauce
1 tablespoon
2 tablespoons
2 teaspoons
White sesame seeds
1 tablespoon


1. These are they bonito flakes with which I'm making niban-dashi (second brewing for soup stock). Since I can reuse the bonito after I'm done, I don't mind using a lot.
2. The dashi is finished! Thoroughly drain out every single droplet of dashi.
3. Bonito flakes are generally discarded after making ichiban-dashi (first brewing for soup stock) and niban-dashi (second brewing). When dry, these weigh 30 g.
4. Heat the seasoning ingredients in a sauce pan on low heat.
5. Immediately add the bonito flakes to the frying pan, then roast on low heat while shredding with chopsticks.
6. Once the moisture has been cooked out and the bonito flakes are shredded, add sesame seeds and roast. Keep the heat on low.
7. When the bonito flakes are crumbly and there are no more clumps, transfer to a dish. They should still be moist.
8. After 4 or 5 hours, the bonito flakes should be crumbly and dry. Place them on a dry cutting surface, and finely chop with a knife. You could also use your hands to crumble them.
9. There, you have bonito flake furikake rice sprinkles! Store in an air-tight container.
10. The furikake is extremely delicious sprinkled on top of a bowl of steaming hot rice! It's also delicious when mixed into rice to form onigiri.

Story Behind this Recipe

Make tasty furikake from bonito flake dashi-gara (leftover from making dashi)! It's thrifty, but still amazingly delicious. You'll see that there's absolutely no need to buy readymade rice seasoning.