Crispy Simple Chocolate Crunch

Crispy Simple Chocolate Crunch

They're so crispy that I'm often asked what's inside.
It's actually just something you eat quite often.

Ingredients: makes 10 small

60 to 65 g
Thinly baked rice cracker
20 g
15 g


1. Boil about 1 cm of water in a frying pan.
2. Chop up the butter, mince the chocolate and add to a small pot. Once the water in Step 1 has come to a boil, melt by immersing the pot (low heat).
3. While the chocolate is melting, crumble the crackers by hand (the picture shows double the listed amount).
4. Once the chocolate and butter have melted, remove from the hot water and add the crumbled crackers. Use a large spoon to mix together.
5. Use a small spoon to transfer into a plate one by one, and refrigerate. You could even use an ice tray.
6. These are the rice crackers I use. They're shrimp flavored, but that worked out fine.
7. Sesame crackers are also OK. One is pretty heavy so the amount shown in the picture is about 20 g.
8. User "marinekke" made them with brown rice flakes! Looks delicious!
9. Note: White chocolate breaks down pretty easily, so I recommend melting it and using as a coating.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had a lot of thin rice crackers left over, so I made this and my family loved it.