For Hanami Bento Easy! Sakura Temari Sushi

For Hanami Bento Easy! Sakura Temari Sushi

These are peach-colored temari (small ball-shaped) sushi that look like they are dressed in cherry blossom petals.

Ingredients: 16 sushi balls, 5 cm diameter and 40 g

Sushi rice
2 rice cooker cups' worth (360 ml)
Cured ham
6 slices
Salted cherry blossoms
Bamboo shoot cooked in water
Sansho leaves
5 florets


1. Pat the bamboo shoot dry, and brown the surface in a nonstick frying pan. Slice the top pointy part only.
2. Blanch the nanohana quickly, and fix their color in ice cold water.
3. Put a piece of cured ham on plastic wrap, add 40 grams of sushi rice and squeeze the wrap closed tightly.
4. Rinse a salted cherry blossom, place it on top of the sushi ball and it's done.
5. Make a simlar rice ball with a slice of bamboo shoot and a sansho leaf. The combination of bamboo shoots and sansho is a sign on spring.
6. The nanohana version.
7. Pack these with you for your next hanami picnic.
8. To make the sushi rice, combine 2 rice cooker cups of rice that's been cooked to be a bit firm with 3 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of natural salt that have been mixed together and microwaved for 1 minute and cooled.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought up a recipe that would be good to include in a hanami bento.