Slightly Fancy Madeleines

Slightly Fancy Madeleines

Even someone as clumsy as I am was able to add a little pattern to spice up my madeleines using this recipe! Give it a try!


Recipe ID: 955658 "10-Minute Prep! Easy Madeleines"
prepare as written
Cocoa powder
1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
Bamboo skewer
Spoon (a narrow one would be best)


1. First, start the same as Recipe ID: 955658 "10-Minute Prep! Easy Madeleines". Use just 1 teaspoon of baking powder to keep the madeleines from rising too much.
2. If you prefer madeleines that don't rise at all, use your own favorite recipe.
3. Take about 1/5 of the batter from Recipe ID: 955658 and mix in the cocoa powder and sugar.
4. After that, all you have to do is pour the white batter into your molds and then add on the pattern with the chocolate batter! You can use any design you want.
5. Here's one example. Use a narrow spoon to place drops of chocolate batter to form a circle. This is easiest to do after cooling the batter in the refrigerator for a bit.
6. It doesn't matter exactly where, just put the bamboo skewer in the middle of a chocolate batter drag through all the drops in a circle. Any mistakes can be fixed, to some degree! Make sure to draw the design on the outside edge of the madeleine.
7. This pattern kind of looks like hearts.
8. The trick, or should I say the way to make it easier, is to cool the batter first so it isn't too liquidy. But, don't worry, if you mess up the pattern it can be fixed!
9. The spoon I use looks like this. A small spoon is easy to use.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wondered what madeleines would look like with a pattern on them so gave it a try. I always have fun seeing people's reactions to it!