Steamed Kabocha Buns for Toddlers

Steamed Kabocha Buns for Toddlers

These steamed buns sweetened with kabocha squash are made with pancake mix. Have them for breakfast or as a snack! You can also store them in the freezer!


Pancake mix
1 bag (200 g)
Milk or formula milk
150 ml
Kabocha squash
to taste (see below)


1. Remove the skin and seeds from the kabocha, and cut into bite-sized pieces.
2. Place the kabocha in a heat-resistant container, wrap in plastic wrap, then microwave for about 5 minutes. Leave in the microwave to steam in residual heat, then mash with a fork.
3. The microwave time is an approximate for about 1/3 of a kabocha squash. Adjust according to the amount of kabocha you use.
4. I mashed the kabocha squash and mixed it in with the other ingredients in order to color the buns, but you can also chop the kabocha into 5- 8 mm cubes and toss into the batter.
5. Prepare the steamer.
6. Beat an egg in a bowl, add the milk, and mix.
7. Add the Step 6 batter to the bowl, add the steamed kabocha and mix well.
8. Fill the muffin cups 60 - 70% full with the batter.
9. Once the steamer starts to steam, arrange the muffin cups in the steamer, steam for 10 to 15 minutes, then they're done when a skewer inserted in the middle of the buns comes out clean.
10. For children who are still too young to have milk, substitute with baby formula.
11. The proportion of batter (egg, milk, and pancake mix) to kabocha squash should be 1/4 of the batter per 25 g of kabocha.
12. I also recommend dividing the batter into several portions before adding the kabocha, and substitute different ingredients, that way you can get a variety of buns from a single batch.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a variation of my steamed banana buns.