Daifuku with Kumquats

Daifuku with Kumquats

Juicy kumquats are great in Japanese confectionary. These are pretty daifuku with colorful orange kumquats peeking out. Easy to make.

Ingredients: 4 pieces

50 g
50 g
75 - 80 ml
Sweet cooked aduki beans (store bought is fine)
100 g
Candied kamquats (cut in half) ※ Refer to Recipe ID: 1010648 for DIY
as needed


1. ≪Preparation≫If the cooked aduki beans are too wet, put in a sauce pan and heat to evaporate excess moisture. Leave to cool. Drain the kumquats in a colander.
2. Combine shiratamako and sugar in a heatproof bowl and mix together with a wooden spatula, adding water little by little.
3. After it's mixed, loosely cover with plastic wrap and microwave at 500W for 1 minute.
4. Take out the bowl from the microwave and stir the mixture well. Cover with plastic wrap and heat for another minute. Repeat twice (heat for 3 minutes in total).
5. Stir the mixture in a bowl well. When it becomes smooth, place on a shallow container dusted with katakuriko.
6. Dust your hands with katakuriko and divide the dough into 4 portions. Divide the aduki beans into 4 portions and roll into balls.
7. Place a portioned dough on the palm of your hand and stretch into an oval shape with another hand. Put the portioned aduki beans and kumquat onto the dough and fold over the dough.
8. If you have sudden visitors or feel like eating Japanese confectionary, you can make these very quickly. It's best eaten immediately although the dough will not harden with time.
9. If you put strawberries, you will have strawberry daifuku. This looks like a strawberry covered with snow.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I saw daifuku with sandwiched strawberries and aduki beans at a Japanese confectionary shop, I thought that they'd be nice with other fillings! After I went home, I made my own daifuku with leftover shiratamako, cooked aduki beans and candied kumquats, which I had made. It was a great success.