Super Simple Valentine's Chocolates

Super Simple Valentine's Chocolates

You won't be needing any measuring cups or scales. They can be made in 30 minutes. The ingredients are under ¥1000 ($10), but they look very high-quality.

Ingredients: 30 servings

2 bags (about 30)
Chocolate, for melting
100 g
Dragées topping
1 bag
Powdered cocoa
1 bag
Truffle cups


1. I used marshmallows I bought at the dollar shop. I chose the dome-shaped rounded ones.
2. Melt the chocolate in hot water.
3. Put the melted chocolate in a bowl and also submerge in hot water. Cover the top 2/3rds of the marshmallow with chocolate.
4. While the chocolate is still soft, top 15 of them with the decorative dragées topping.
5. Use a tea strainer to top the remaining 15 with cocoa powder.
6. Once the chocolate hardens, place the truffles in the wrapping and they're complete. Looks very high-class.

Story Behind this Recipe

Bring a smile to your significant other's face with these simple and economical chocolates!