Easy Way to Crumble Soup Stock Cubes

Easy Way to Crumble Soup Stock Cubes

No need to wash up afterward! Crumble soup stock cubes easily!


Soup stock cubes
as many as you need
Plastic wrap


1. Loosely wrap the soup stock cubes with plastic wrap.
2. Microwave Step 1 (for 30-40 seconds at 600 W).
3. Remove from the microwave, and mash over the plastic wrap with your fingers.
4. They are nicely crumbled!
5. Addendum... Use 2 layers of plastic wrap to cover the soup stock cubes. They might melt and come out from the wrap while microwaving!

Story Behind this Recipe

I used to pound the soup stock cubes with a rolling pin or the back of the knife. They were hard, and didn't crumbled nicely! They didn't dissolve in hot water, either. Then I just remembered that microwaving hard sugar or salt helps crumble the solid blocks, and I just tried doing the same with the soup stock cubes. It worked! This method is easy and it doesn't dirty my hands. I'm gonna crumble them in this method from now on!