An Easy "le Fraisier" Style Cake with Lots of Strawberries

An Easy "le Fraisier" Style Cake with Lots of Strawberries

The quintessential French strawberry shortcake is called 'le fraisier'. I don't like butter-cream too much, so I used less butter than is usual.

Ingredients: 12 x 12 cm square pan

For the buttercream
Custard cream
200 g
Unsalted butter
100 g
Vanilla extract
a small amount
For the base:
Biscuits (plain cookies)
60 g
Unsalted butter
30 g
1 packet
Diced almonds (finely chopped almonds)
a small amount


1. Make the base: Put the biscuits in bowl and crush with a rolling pin or similar.
2. When the biscuits are evenly crushed, mix them with melted butter and press evenly in the bottom of the mold. If the biscuits won't come together, mix in a little milk.
3. Line up the strawberries on top of the biscuit base. Cut the strawberries in the corners into 1/4.
4. Make the buttercream. Put the butter in a bowl and mix well.
5. Add the custard cream little by little to the creamed butter, mixing well. Add vanilla extract at the end and mix in lightly.
6. Put the buttercream on top of the strawberries.
7. Spread the buttercream evenly over the strawberries while pressing it down between the crevice.
8. Sprinkle the top with the diced almonds, chill the cake in the refrigerator, and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried making an elegant dessert.