Cherry Blossom Mochi with Petals

Cherry Blossom Mochi with Petals

This is a recipe that I thought of when I was trying to make Kanto-style sakura mochi. Instead of using a cherry blossom leaf, I used a cherry blossom petal to make a very cute Japanese-style sweet.


The ingredients from (Recipe ID: 1011095), except for the sakura leaves.
Salt-preserved cherry blossoms


1. Add the salt-preserved cherry blossoms to water and rinse well to get rid of the salt. Pull apart the flowers one by one and pat dry.
2. Make the wrap by referring to (Recipe ID: 1011095).
3. When cooking, add the cherry blossom to the frying pan and then pour the batter over the top into an oblong shape. (Make sure the cherry blossom is at one end of the oval, not in the centre.)
4. Cook both sides, fill with anko bean paste and roll to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I tried making some Kanto-style sakura mochi I ran out of cherry blossom leaves! Suddenly I had a brainwave and I made these very pretty sakura mochi instead. They look good for Girl's Day as well.