10 Minute Muffins with Bread Flour

10 Minute Muffins with Bread Flour

These muffins are dairy-free.
Whip the batter up in 10 minutes using only one bowl, then bake for 15 minutes! You only need 5 ingredients, but it's a low-cost muffin that's perfect for a snack.

Ingredients: 6 muffins

2 small or medium (or 1 large)
50 g or more
Bread (strong) flour
100 g
Baking powder
1 teaspoon
Vegetable oil
60 g
Your choice of fillings, such as chocolate chips, raisins, fruit, etc...
Or, add ham and cheese for a delicious breakfast muffin


1. Preheat the oven to 180℃ (If you forget this step, since the preparation time for the batter is so quick, you may have to waste time waiting for it to preheat.)
2. Break the 2 eggs in a bowl, then use a whisk to beat until bubbles form.
3. Gradually add the sugar in 3-4 batches, mixing it in after each addition (I place the bowl on a scale and mix in 20 g at a time).
4. Likewise, gradually add the oil in 3-4 batches, mixing it after each addition (I use the same fuss-free method for measuring the oil).
5. Switch to a rubber spatula, then sift in the strong flour and baking powder, then gently incorporate it into the batter.
6. Fill the muffin cups with the batter, then bake for 15 minutes at 180℃, then they're done!
7. I reversed the order of Step 4 and 5. Adding the oil before the flour made the batter easier to mix.
8. I was able to bake 2 batches (12 small muffins) using a silicon muffin mold that I bought from a home improvement shop. A single batch will result in 6 voluminous muffins.
9. Here are chocolate banana muffins that I made in the same mold lined with glassine paper muffin cups. They turned out moist and delicious. The aroma from the oven was irresistible.
10. For chocolate banana muffins, add 1 mashed banana after Step 4. Mix in as many chocolate chips as you like after Step 5, then simply follow the recipe as is!
11. Another variation is to top the batter with a spoonful of jam, then bake. These are made with homemade apple jam and blueberry jam. They turned out tart and juicy.
12. An idea from user "Doraan" is to substitute part of the flour with whole wheat flour (30 g). I tried it out right away! It has a nice wheat aroma .
13. Using a blend of olive oil and 20 g butter gives the muffins a nice fragrant touch.

Story Behind this Recipe

I tested a variety of recipes, and in the process of revising, I settled with this recipe.
I'm posting this for moms like me who prefer home baked muffins, but don't want to spend the extra time or expense.