Kumquats Simmered In Rich Sugar Syrup

Kumquats Simmered In Rich Sugar Syrup

These kumquats are halved before simmering, which cuts down on the simmering time! By using raw cane sugar, the flavor and color become rich and deep.

Ingredients: An easy to make amount

as much as you like
Raw cane sugar (or any coarse sugar of your choice)
40% of the kumquats in weight
1/2 of the kumquats in weight


1. Wash the kumquats well and take off the stem ends. Weigh the kumquats at this point. Based on that number, weigh the sugar and water out too.
2. Cut the kumquats in half, and take out any seeds.
3. Put the kumquats, sugar and water in a pan, and start cooking over high heat.
4. When it comes to a boil turn the heat down to low. Simmer while skimming off the scum and stirring occasionally.
5. When the liquid has reduced to the stage you like, it's done! The peel will be glossy and radiant. (If you simmer until the kumquats have almost completely disintegrated, it becomes jam.)
6. Storing options: Pack them in jars and store in the refrigerator. See Recipe ID: 1007208 for instructions.
7. Storing options: Pack in to ziplock bags and freezer. Let it defrost naturally in the refrigerator before using.
8. Bonus Kumquats are packed with vitamin C, so it's said that they help to prevent colds, recover from fatigue, and clear your complexion. It's something we should eat more.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's here! Kumquat season! So, I decided to make my regular kumquats in sugar syrup. I tried using raw cane sugar as the sugar, which made the flavor rich and mild - a big success.