Foil Cooked Scallops and Mushrooms

Foil Cooked Scallops and Mushrooms

I used leftover mushrooms I had in the refrigerator, and cooked it over a pan!

Ingredients: 2 foil packets

Scallops (large)
4 (or 6 smaller ones)
Enoki mushrooms
1/6 packet
Shimeji mushrooms
1/6 packet
Other mushrooms of your choice
Maitake, shiitake etc.
Onion (medium)
Four 5g cubes
Salt and pepper
To taste
2 tablespoons, divided


1. Cut the mushrooms into easy to eat pieces. Slice the onion. Prep 2 large sheets of aluminum foil.
2. Spread one of the sheets and place half the amount of onions in the middle. Add 2 scallops, and top with 1/2 the mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper, and top with 2 knobs of butter.
3. How to close up the foil packets: hold the top edges, sprinkle the sake (so that it doesn't leak out) and fold 2 to 3 times. Fold the left side to the right 2-3 times, and fold the right side in the same way.
4. Place both foil packets on a pan, and cover with a lid. When it starts steaming, turn down the heat to low, and steam cook for 10 minutes.

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband always requests, "please cook scallops in foil!".