Fish Sausage and Potatoes Stir-fried with Green Onion and Salted Kombu

Fish Sausage and Potatoes Stir-fried with Green Onion and Salted Kombu

The key to the flavor of this dish is the green onion and salted-kombu (salty cooked kombu seaweed). Stir-fry the julienne potato for 1 just one minute. The simple seasoning is so delicious and you'll be eating like crazy.

Ingredients: 2 to 4 servings

3 small (200 g peeled)
Fish sausage
10 g
1 teaspoon
Grated ginger
1/4 teaspoon
Chopped green onions
3 to 4
1 tablespoon
To taste


1. Cut the potatoes into 2-3 mm thick matchsticks, and soak in a bowl of water for at least 5 minutes to wash off the surface starch. Drain into a colander or sieve just before you stir fry it.
2. Slice the fish sausage diagonally into 2 to 3 mm slices, then julienne. Slice the green onion into thin rounds (you should end up with about 2 tablespoons).
3. Heat up a a frying pan, add the mayonnaise, ginger and potato and stir fry for 1 minute. When the potato has wilted slightly add the mirin and mix well.
4. Add the sausage and salted-kombu and mix everything together. Season with pepper, add the green onion and it's done.
5. For reference... 10 g of salted-konbu is about this much. About 1 tablespoon.
6. 200 g of potatoes is about this much.
7. It was fine to soak the potatoes at Step 1 for a whole day. So you can soak them overnight to make the stir-fry for bentos in the morning.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love fish sausage paired with potatoes, so I've tried out all kinds of flavor combinations, but this very simple version is the one I don't get tired of and everyone in my family likes. This is so good that I eat too much of it!