An Osaka Aunties' Okonomiyaki

An Osaka Aunties' Okonomiyaki

I was born and raised in Osaka! We always cook okonomiyaki at home! We don't use okonomiyaki flour! The outside is crunchy and the inside is fluffy, this will not lose to restaurant quality.

Ingredients: 4 okonomiyaki pancakes

White flour
3 cups
Japanese dashi stock
1 1/2 cups
Nagaimo yam
1 cup
Squid (tentacles, etc.)
Thinly sliced pork belly
Green onion
1/2 cup
Tempura crumbs
3 tablespoons
Beni-shoga red pickled ginger
2 tablespoons
Dried shrimp
2 tablespoons
Okonomiyaki sauce
to taste
to taste
Bonito flakes
to taste
to taste


1. Whisk the eggs, add the flour, dashi soup stock, Japanese yams, and mix. Add finely chopped cabbage and green onions and squid cut into large bite-sized bits. Mix all of the ingredients aside from the pork belly meat until it all sticks together.
2. Spread out the batter on an electric griddle preheated to high heat, making sure it is not too thick, and lay the pork belly meat cut into large bite-sized pieces on top.
3. Flip over once it has turned golden brown, and cook until the pork belly meat has become crunchy.
4. Flip over once more, cook each side until crunchy in the pork belly grease, and then you are done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was born and raised in Osaka!
We always cook Okonomiyaki at home!
We don't use Okonomiyaki flour!
Using Nagaimo yams and dashi stock, the outside is crunchy, and the inside is fluffy.
It won't lose to local restaurants~