Koya Freeze Dried Tofu Powder for Baking and Baby Food

Koya Freeze Dried Tofu Powder for Baking and Baby Food

There is as much calcium in a block of freeze-dried tofu as in a bottle of milk! It has more iron than meat! You can also use it as a substitute for okara (soy pulp)


Koya tofu
as much as you like


1. Grate the freeze dried tofu as is. You can grate fast if you put your back into it. It's convenient if you grate a batch and store it in a jar.
2. You can mix it into pancake and cookie recipes by substituting 20-30% of the flour for the powder. (It won't work if you substitute all of the flour!)
3. Make cheesy crackers such as Recipe ID: 1008433.
4. For a loaf of bread that calls for 250 g flour, I swapped 30 g with this powder. Adjust the dough with water if the dough if it's too firm.
5. For pancakes, I substituted with 20-30% of the flour. Add extra soy milk or milk if needed.
6. Use it as a filler in hamburg steak or as a panko replacer! It's a great source of calcium and potassium.
7. Mix into a tomato risotto.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got lazy about dehydrating and cooling the okara for baking, so I substituted with grated koya tofu.