Simple Tart Base with Pancake Mix

Simple Tart Base with Pancake Mix

There's no butter included, but it's flaky. I added amounts for 200 g of pancake mix. You can also use soy milk instead of regular milk for a non-milk version.

Ingredients: 18 cm tart pan

[Brackets indict amounts needed for store-bought 200 g of pancake mix]
Pancake Mix
150 g [200 g]
Vegetable Oil or Olive Oil
3 tablespoons [4 tablespoons]
Milk or Soy Milk
2 tablespoons [2 1/2 tablespoons]
a pinch


1. Add oil, milk (soy milk), and salt into a bowl and, using a whisk, mix well (place the measuring spoon used for the oil in the tart dish when finished. You'll use it in Step 3).
2. Mix the pancake mix in Step 1. If you mix together by using a small plastic bag as a glove, your hands won't get dirty and it's easy.
3. Lightly grease a tart pan with oil or melted butter. I used my finger and spread the leftover oil from the measuring spoon from Step 1 because I'm stingy (haha).
4. After forming the batter into a ball, place on a large piece of plastic wrap. Place another sheet of plastic wrap on top. Using a rolling pin, spread the dough to fit the tart pan (the bottom and the sides).
5. Remove the top wrap and place the tart pan upside down on the dough. Holding the bottom wrap, flip the dish (You'll use the wrap again so don't throw it away!)
6. Cover the dish with the dough, wrap side up. Tightly fit into the bottom and sides.
7. Remove the wrap (Don't throw it away!) and cut off the leftover dough around the sides. Place the leftover dough in the wrap.
8. The leftover dough will be used as reinforcement. Use the wrap and rolling pin to spread the dough and then cut into thin long strips the height of the tart pan.
9. Reinforce the areas of dough on the side that are thin from Step 8 by using your finger to press down evenly. Do the same if there are thin areas on the bottom.
10. Using a fork, poke holes in the bottom as air vents and bake in a 180°C preheated oven for 18-20 minutes.
11. After tart has cooled, remove from the dish.
12. *This how thick it will be if you use 200 g of pancake in an 18 cm tart pan.
13. I used Easy Custard Cream (Recipe ID: 1007749) There is also a Simple Tart recipe (Recipe ID: 1006990).

Story Behind this Recipe

I was aiming for a simple tart without butter and is easy to make even for beginners.