Very Handy ☆ Garlic Soy Sauce

Very Handy ☆ Garlic Soy Sauce

You can use this sauce as yakiniku sauce or salad dressing. Moreover, you can season fried rice or stir-fry dishes with this garlic soy sauce. You can use the marinated garlic for cooking as well, so there are many different ways to use this sauce.


Soy sauce
2 cups
4-5 cloves
Bay leaf
3-4 leaves
Red chili pepper
As much as you want


1. Slice the garlic and remove the seeds from the red chili pepper. Put the garlic, bay leaves, and red chili pepper in a jar.
2. Pour the soy sauce into the jar. Smash the garlic in the jar with a chopstick etc.

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned how to make this versatile sauce from Mrs. Namiko.