Extremely Dangerous! Chocolate Mochi

Extremely Dangerous! Chocolate Mochi

Easy to make, and soooooo delicious.
Guaranteed to be addictive!!!

Ingredients: 1

Cut mochi cake
1 piece
Small chocolate cube


1. This is all you need!
2. Put the mochi cake on a piece of kitchen parchment paper!
3. Microwave at 700 W for 20 seconds, then flip the mochi over and microwave for another 10 seconds, until the mochi puffs up. (Adjust the times depending on your microwave oven.)
4. Take the mochi out, and spread it out a bit.
5. Put a piece of chocolate in the middle...
6. Fold in half, pinch the edges closed, and it's done! ~
7. Eat while it's still hot. I guarantee, you'll become addicted to this.
8. At 1000 W, the microwave time is the same as at 700 W.
9. At 500 W, it's 30 seconds on one side, and 20 seconds on the other.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was in high school (a very long time ago....), I learned this way of eating mochi from a friend. It's so delicious, I can eat 6 or 7 of these even in the morning, so I gained weight..
This was a forbidden recipe for me until recently.