Kombu Maki Rolls

Kombu Maki Rolls

These are authentic konbu maki rolls made by rolled kombu tied up with kanpyou gourd strips. It supposedly represents happiness in the New Year's feast.

Ingredients: As much as you like

Kombu (cut into 15 cm pieces)
8 slices
3-4 pieces
Raw dried herring
4 fish
A Seasoning
Kombu based dashi stock
600 ml
Sugar, sake
3 tablespoons of each
B Seasoning
Soy sauce
3 tablespoons
C Seasoning
1 tablespoon


1. After rubbing the dirt off the konbu, rehydrate in water. Soak the kanpyou, rub with salt, and rinse in water.
2. After rehydrating the raw dried herring in water, boil it quickly, and wash off the scales.
3. Cut the herring to the length of the konbu, roll it up, and tie with the kanpyou.
4. Boil in the A seasoning until soft, then add in the B seasoning, cover with an 'otoshibuta' drop lid, and boil. Finally, add in the C seasoning, and bring to a quick boil.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've been making this recipe for the past 29 years.

I love konbu, so I make this regularly. I use herring as the filling for New Year's, but I usually use salmon for the other occasions as it's easier to cook than herring.