[From Overseas] Let's Aim for Tarako Cream Pasta

[From Overseas] Let's Aim for Tarako Cream Pasta

IKEA's fish roe paste in a tube is well known amongst Japanese expats living abroad. I wanted to eat it so much that I went to IKEA just to buy it the week after I got here.

Ingredients: 2 servings

200 g
◆ Creamed Smoked Roe from IKEA
3 tablespoons
◆ Butter
1 tablespoon
◆ Mayonnaise (Sour cream is good too)
1/2 tablespoon
1/2 teaspoon
◆ Pasta cooking water
1/2 ladle full
To add flavor and fragrance - choose whever you like:
◆ Soy sauce or lemon juice
2 to 3 drops
Nori seaweed
To taste


1. I used this product - Cream Smoked Roe. I hear that this is a staple in every Swedish household.
2. Prep: Cook the spaghetti. Mix the ◆ ingredients in a bowl. (The butter will melt in the pasta cooking water, so there's no need to melt it beforehand.)
3. Add pasta cooking water to the bowl with the ◆ ingredients. Add the drained spaghetti to the bowl and mix. Sprinkle with nori seaweed and serve.
4. If it doesn't taste tarako-like enough for you, add a little extra paste on top. Voila, tarako cream pasta overseas.
5. To turn tarako pasta into mentaiko pasta style - add 1 teaspoon of gochujang paste to the ◆ ingredients to add a little spice. (・∀・)

Story Behind this Recipe

I used to love tarako pasta when I was in Japan. I loved it so much...but I can't eat it over here?!
So, I experimented to come up with this!!