Egg and Cheese with Wasabi Mayonnaise on Toast

Egg and Cheese with Wasabi Mayonnaise on Toast

The spice of the wasabi makes this really delicious! A hearty sandwich using one boiled egg. This really fills your tummy.

Ingredients: 1 slice

Sliced bread
1 slice
☆ Mayonnaise
1 tablespoon
☆ Wasabi paste
About 1 1/2 teaspoons or 3 cm plus from a tube
Boiled egg
Pizza cheese
To taste


1. Make a boiled egg, and slice it.
2. Mix the mayonnaise and wasabi together.
3. Spread the wasabi mayonnaise on the bread. Put the sliced boiled egg on top, and scattter with some pizza cheese.
4. Toast in an oven until browned.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to come up with a new way of eating toast with spice. There are lots of recipes using mustard, black pepper or shichimi togarashi (chili pepper mix) so I thought, how about wasabi? I chose egg, which I thought would go well with wasabi.