Easy Pressure Cooker Recipe! Kuromame in 10 Minutes ♪

Easy Pressure Cooker Recipe! Kuromame in 10 Minutes ♪

Using a pressure cooker, you can make plump kuromame in only 10 minutes!! Just add sugar and soy sauce. Use kuromame from the Tamba region if possible!

Ingredients: 200 g of black beans

Kuromame (from the Tamba region)
200 g (dried)
Water for soaking
400 g
Light brown sugar (or caster sugar)
160 g
Soy sauce
1 teaspoon


1. Rinse the dried beans well and then soak overnight in water (use 3 times as much water as the amount of beans).
2. Put the beans in the pressure cooker with 400 g of the soaking water. Bring to a boil. When it starts to bubble, skim off the scum.
3. Add the light brown sugar and soy sauce. Cover and turn on the heat. When steam starts to come out of the pressure cooker, turn the heat to low and cook for 10 minutes. Then turn off the heat and wait for it to cool down completely.
4. Transfer the beans to a clean container and refrigerate overnight to allow the flavors to blend well. If it's not sweet enough, you can remove the beans and then boil down the liquid into a syrup.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted a simple way to make delicious, attractive simmered kuromame in a pressure cooker. This is the recipe I came up with ♪